Anna Claydon on the BAFTSS Teaching & Learning Network

BAFTSS takes teaching and learning seriously and, to this end, we have launched the BAFTSS Teaching and Learning Network during the summer of 2016. It is still early days but plans afoot include: creating a screen studies specific bank of reflections and ideas about teaching; an annual standing session at the April BAFTSS conference where network members can report on their innovative work; an annual September workshop meeting to think about ideas more creatively; supporting colleagues developing HEA fellowship applications and mentoring those who seek it; a network specific newsletter for email and potentially a blog on the BAFTSS website; and as of now, the new @BAFTSSTandLNet on twitter. Go, find us and follow. If you’d like to be on the network email list and haven’t already contacted us, email the co-ordinator Anna at The first network email will go out on Monday 10th.

So, what are we about? We held our first forum meeting at the beginning of September and agreed our mission statement as being:

The BAFTSS Teaching and Learning Network believes that the highest quality teaching comes not only from innovation but also sharing and learning from each other’s good practice. It is open to all people teaching in HE, including PhD students and part-time staff as well as full-time academics, regardless of their career stage. As such we aim to:

  • Create a bank of best practice in the teaching of film, television and screen studies;
  • Provide a collaborative context for discussing colleagues’ ideas and challenges;
  • Ensure that the sharing of experience helps encourage colleagues’ continuing professional development; and
  • Disseminate best practice in our fields through networking and development opportunities.

Therefore, in the spirit of collecting best practice stories together, of if there is something you’d like to report on as part of the BAFTSS Teaching and Learning Network Panel at the Conference in April, pop us an email about conference ideas or post on the twitter feed (you can include links to website  and photos of your teaching exploits). We’ll also be having a monthly theme on the twitter feed: this month’s is about encourage students’ interest in older films. Do share!


Anna Claydon, BAFTSS Teaching and Learning Network Co-ordinator

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