Here is the shortlist for the BAFTSS 2018 awards. The winners and runners-up will be announced at the 2018 conference.


Best Monograph

Neil Archer (University of Keele), Beyond a Joke: Parody in English Film and Television Comedy, IB Tauris.  

Gabor Gergely (University of Lincoln), Hungarian Film 1929-1947, Amsterdam.

Kate Ince (University of Birmingham), The Body and the Screen: Female Subjectivities in Contemporary Women’s Cinema, Bloomsbury.


Best Journal Article

Jonathan Murray (University of Edinburgh), ‘Containing the Spectre of the Past: The Evolution of the James Bond Franchise during the Daniel Craig Era’, Visual Culture in Britain 18(2)

Nathan Townsend (University of York), ‘PolyGram Filmed Entertainment and Working Title Films’, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television 

Natalie Wreyford and Shelley Cobb (University of Southampton), ‘Data and Responsibility Toward a Feminist Methodology for Producing Historical Data on Women in the Contemporary UK Film Industry’, Feminist Media Histories 3(3)


Best Edited Collection

Johan Andersson (Kings College) and Lawrence Webb (University of Sussex), Global Cinematic Cities: New Landscapes of Film and Media, Wallflower.

Anette Kuhn (Queen Mary University), Daniel Biltereyst (Ghent University) and Philippe Meers (University of Antwerp), ‘Cinemagoing, Film Experience and Memory’, Memory Studies 10 (1)

Stefanie Van de Peer (University of Glasgow), Animation in the Middle East: Practice and Aesthetics From Baghdad to Casablanca, IB Tauris.


Best Doctoral Student Article or Chapter

Agata Frymus (University of York), ‘“Ah, Love! It’s not for me!”: Off-screen romance and Pola Negri’s star persona’, Celebrity Studies 8(2)

Cat Lester (University of Warwick), ‘The Children’s Horror Film: Characterizing an ‘Impossible’ Subgenre’, Velvet Light Trap 78

Jonathan Mack (Northumbria University), ‘Finding Borderland: Intermediality in the Films of Marc Forster’, Cinema Journal 56(3)


Best Practice Research Portfolio

There are three subcategories:

Moving Image

Piotr Cieplak (University of Sussex), Faces We Lost

Stephen Connolly (University of Kent),  Found Landscape, Two Cameras, Machine Space


Onyeka Igwe (University of the Arts London), Her Name in My Mouth

Esther Johnson (Sheffield Hallam University),  Asunder

Research Applications and installations

Shreepali Patel  (Anglia Ruskin University), The Crossing

John Twycross and Tim Joyce (Oxford Brookes University), Virtual Reality – Television Set Design