BAFTSS Awards 2018

The BAFTSS Awards are now accepting submissions from members of BAFTSS in the following categories for the Awards ceremony at the Annual Conference in 2018 at the University of Kent.

  • Best Monograph
  • Best Edited Collection. This includes both books and special issues of journals. Editors must be BAFTSS members; contributors need not be.
  • Best Practice Research Portfolio
  • Best Journal Article
  • Best Doctoral Student Article or Chapter. Contestants can enter either a published journal article or a chapter in an edited collection to the competition. We will require proof that the submission was accepted while the contestant was still a Doctoral Student (for example an email from the Registry confirming student status and an email from the publisher confirming acceptance). Please note that this Award will also include a prize: the equivalent of £100 in Manchester University Press books. We are very grateful to Matthew Frost of MUP for his support.

Submissions must have been published in the period 1 September 2016-31 August 2017.

Items can be submitted either by individual authors/filmmakers, or by journals (for articles), or by publishers (for books and edited collections). Publishers can initiate one submission only, and should seek the agreement of the author concerned, as well as ensuring that the author is a BAFTSS member. Book chapters are not eligible for the standard Best Journal Article category.

We will only accept items sent electronically for the competition. Books and edited collections should be submitted as final agreed PDFs without passwords; we do not accept material only available through Adobe Digital Editions.

For Books, Edited Collections, Journal Articles and Postgraduate Student Articles or Chapters, contestants should seek approval from publishers before sending material to James Leggott by 28 November 2017.

The Practice Research Award has a separate Submission Form explaining how contestants should proceed. Please contact James Leggott for a copy of it, which should then be completed and sent to the same address by 28 November 2017.  The winning work will be announced at the BAFTSS Annual Conference and showcased on the Screenworks website.

Submissions to all panels will be acknowledged. Winners, runners-up and ‘honourable mentions’ will be announced at the BAFTSS Annual Conference 2018 (University of Kent 12-13 April 2018). They will be contacted in March to confirm whether they are able to attend the annual conference, which for them will be free of enrolment fee (but not accommodation and meals).

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