Calling all Postgraduate Students

The postgraduate years can be likened to the moment when the river is just about to flow into the ocean. It can be overwhelming, it can be lonely, and it can definitely be hard work to try and keep your head just above the water.

To help ease the process and to make it more tolerable, the BAFTSS Postgraduate Student Network is set up with the aim to encourage further postgraduate involvement with the activities of BAFTSS. At least one postgraduate student is co-opted into the Executive Committee to represent the interests of both postgraduate research and taught students. Currently, there are two postgraduate representatives: MaoHui Deng (University of Manchester) and Marta F. Suarez (Liverpool John Moore University).

We have started a Twitter account – @baftsspg – and we hope that the account will become the main platform for everyone to engage in general conversations about being a postgraduate student, and also as a platform for everyone to share their research process/pains/findings if they so wish. It will also be a good place to disseminate information on any conferences, research seminars, or one-off events that you think might be off interest to anyone. To facilitate discussions across the Twittersphere, send your tweets using the hashtag #baftsspg and we can get the conversation going. Alternatively, you can drop us an email and we can post a tweet on your behalf.

Currently, BAFTSS runs a Postgraduate Events Funding Competition which is designed to help facilitate postgraduate-led events (conferences, symposia, and training workshops, to name just a few). The next deadline is the 1st of April 2017. You can find more information about the competition via here.

In addition to the competition, we are very keen to let the postgraduate community have a more substantial presence in BAFTSS and we would really like to hear from you to see what we can do to get more postgraduate students involved. You can contact us via the @baftsspg Twitter account. Likewise, you can also contact Mao via or on Twitter @dengmaohui. You can contact Marta via or on Twitter @MartaFSuarez. We look forward to hearing from everyone soon.

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