BAFTSS 5th Annual Conference 2017: Genre Studies Now

Genre, as a theoretical concept and method of analyzing a large variety of film, television and media productions, has been highly influential since the early 1980s. The 5th BAFTSS Annual Conference at the University of Bristol, April 20-21st 2017, provides an opportunity to take stock of how theories of Genre have evolved over the last 35 years as well as current understandings and applications. Altman notes: ‘Genre is not your average descriptive term, but a complex concept with multiple meanings’, while Neale emphasizes how ‘in the public sphere, the institutional discourses are of central importance’. The conference will showcase the many fascinating ways in which Genre Studies continues to produce new insights into production, marketing, reception and historical studies, and to stimulate theoretical reflection on the operation and appreciation of media texts. In recognition of their distinguished publications in the field, Outstanding Achievement Awards will be presented to Sue Harper and Steve Neale.

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Please note that the cut-off date for registering for the conference and the dinner is 24 March 2017.