Colour & Film

Convenors: Sarah Street (University of Bristol) and Liz Watkins (University of Leeds)



The BAFTSS Colour and Film Special Interest Group is an international forum of scholars, filmmakers, archivists and film conservation specialists.

The Colour and Film SIG offers a space in which to discuss the recent resurgence of interest in the chromatic in cinema: from the making, circulation and exhibition of film, the history of the materials and technologies that underlie its visualisation (tinting, toning, hand painting, Kinemacolor, Pathécolor, Dufaycolour, Gasparcolor, Agfacolor), through to the colour designs advocated by Technicolor and the history of its experimentation. A perceived shift – from photographic images made and stored on a material base (celluloid nitrate and acetate film stocks) – to their digital simulacra has provoked debate about the specificity of cinematic archive and what might be lost, but also facilitated studies attentive to the nuances of different colour technologies, materials and filmmaking practices. Colour and Film thus encompasses, but is not limited to, questions of film making, exhibition, spectatorship, archives, film history and analysis from early film to narrative cinemas and experimental film, genre, theories and philosophies of colour, subjectivity, affect and sexuality.

The Colour and Film SIG will convene a panel on colour and film for the annual BAFTSS conference and an annual meeting at the BAFTSS conference to discuss current research interests, projects and future plans; circulate details of seminars, symposia, film screenings and conferences on colour and film (if you are organising an event which you consider of interest to the group then contact (Liz Watkins); and organise film screenings and discussion panels on colour and film.

BAFTSS is affiliated with the Colour Group GB who organise an annual International Conference on Colour in Film.