Film & Philosophy

Convenors: Lucy Bolton (Queen Mary University of London)  and Catherine Wheatley (King’s College London)



The Film and Philosophy BAFTSS Special Interest Group has members who are PhD students, professors and practitioners from universities in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and America. This reflects the burgeoning community of scholars who are bringing film and philosophy together in productive and radical ways. The SIG is not affiliated to any journal or institution, but rather is a forum for scholars and practitioners who are interested in exploring the philosophical potential of individual films, filmmakers, and the medium of film itself.

Some of the projects members are working on are as follows:

  • Film, moral philosophy and ethics
  • Film and religion
  • Filming end of life, ageing, death and beyond death
  • Migration on film, the socio-political and the phenomenological
  • Animals, ecology and cinema
  • The relationships between film and the thought of particular philosophers from different philosophical traditions.
  • The work of particular filmmakers and philosophical concerns
  • Film technologies and technicities, including 3D, CGI, VR