French & Francophone Cinema

Convenor: Phil Powrie (University of Surrey)


Over 200 films French and Francophone films are distributed each year, making this one of the world’s most important national cinemas. This SIG is linked to the only journal world-wide devoted entirely to this cinema, Studies in French Cinema. The journal provides academics and students with a consistent quality of scholarly investigation across the full breadth of the subject, including a focus on largely underdeveloped areas of French Cinema studies. Studies in French Cinema covers all periods and approaches, but is particularly committed to the gender paradigm as a fundamental methodology, and, in sub-disciplinary terms, to the three following areas: film history, genre and star studies, and technique. In French film history, Studies in French Cinema encourages new approaches to canonised areas, the development of research into audiences, and explorations into previously ignored or under-represented cinematic periods (e.g. the silent era, the 1950s, the 1970s). In genre and star studies, Studies in French Cinema encourages the theoretical and historical analysis of popular genres (e.g. the costume/heritage film, the musical, the thriller) and stars. With regard to film technique, Studies in French Cinema has been important in developing new approaches to the camera and the soundtrack.

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