Tim Bergfelder, Film Studies, University of Southampton, Professor of Film, tab@soton.ac.uk

Daniela Berghahn, Media Arts, Royal Holloway, Professor of Film Studies, Daniela.Berghahn@RHUL.AC.UK

Ivor Bolton, Institute for German Studies, Birmingham, MA student, IMB127@student.bham.ac.uk

Martin Brady, German/Film Studies, King’s College London, Lecturer in German and Film, brady@kcl.ac.uk

Erica Carter, German/Film Studies, King’s College London, Professor of German and Film, carter@kcl.ac.uk

Michael Cowan, Film Studies, University of St Andrews, Reader in Film Studies, mc258@st-andrews.ac.uk

Mattias Frey, School of Arts, University of Kent, Reader in Film Studies, J.Frey@kent.ac.uk

Alice Guilluy, Film Studies, King’s College London, Doctoral student, guilluy@kcl.ac.uk

Eleanor Halsall, Department of German/GSSN, King’s College London, GSSN network coordinator, halsall@kcl.ac.uk

Helen Hughes, Film, Surrey, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, h.hughes@surrey.ac.uk

Alasdair King, Film Studies, QMUL, Senior Lecturer in German and Film Studies, a.king@qmul.ac.uk

Rachel MagShamhráin, Department of German, University College Cork, Lecturer in German, Magshamhrain@ucc.ie

Annie Ring, German/School of European Languages, Culture and Society, UCL, Lecturer in German, ring@ucl.ac.uk

Carl Schoenfeld, School of Media and Performing Arts, Coventry, Course Development Lead, MA Film & TV (online), ac2972@coventry.ac.uk

Jeanette Steemers, Culture, Media and Creative Industries, King’s College London, Professor of Culture, Media and Creative Industries, steemers@kcl.ac.uk

Elizabeth Ward, German, University of Hull, Lecturer in German, elizabeth.ward@rhul.ac.uk